Jerry Zelinskas

 A member of the National Watercolor Society, Jerry Zelinskas resides in Canton, Ohio, where he lives with his wife Kathy. He started his education at Kent State University and during that period he also studied with nationally known portrait painter Jack Richards at his studio in Akron, Ohio. Winning a number of scholarships, he graduated from The Cooper School of Arts in
Cleveland, Ohio. Continuing his studies taking a number of
workshops, Mr. Zelinskas has developed his own style which has
put him in demand for workshops and demonstrations through out

 Mr. Zelinskas' paintings take on a romantic stylized impressionistic feeling of color with a strong emphases on design. He places his elements in a way that creates rhythmic moods, but is just shy of realism. His tremendous sense of design, knowledge of his subject material and his unique way of arranging them into a harmonious order, is what makes his paintings so different. He shares his experience of delight and by doing so the viewer becomes part of the work, and thus the two elements are brought together in a monument of time, shared be each brush stroke. 
  • Watercolor Art Society (Houston Ward-WAS-H Purchase Award) 
  • Houston International All Nations Exhibition (Purchase Mayors Award) 
  • Kentucky Watercolor Society (Murray State University) 
  • Ohio Watercolor Society (OWS Award of Distinction) Ohio Watercolor Society (Strathmore Award and Co-op Artist Materials Award) 
  • Ohio Watercolor Society (Bronze Medal Award) 
  • Northeast Ohio Watercolor Society (First Place Floral Award) 
  • Kentucky Watercolor Society (Kentucky Artist Award) 
  • Louisiana Watercolor Society (John Wilkinson Award) 
  • Midwest Watercolor National (Dillmans's Creative Workshop Award/Cash) Article in American Artist Magazine.
  • Consolidation Coal Company Calendar Award (4 States Competition Award 1992, 1997, and 1998 
  • Ohio Watercolor Society (Silver Medal Award) 
  • NWS National Watercolor Society (Graphix Espress Patron Purchase Award) 
  • Stark Country Artists Exhibition (Honorable Mention) 
  • Ohio Watercolor Show Award for 10 Year acceptance in a row 
  • Invited judge (Canton Artists League Spring Show Canton Museum of Art).
  • Finalist for Donut Love in the Landscape/Interior Category The Artists Magazine 27th Annual Art Competition.
  • Ohio Watercolor Society Ohio Watercolor Society Award of Distinction
  • Boston Mills Jurior for the 40th Artfest Show
Mr. Zelinskas is a Signature Member of the following Watercolor Societies:
  • Ohio Watercolor Society 
  • Montana Watercolor Society 
  • Pennsylvania Watercolor Society 
  • Associate Member of the American Watercolor Society 
  • Georgia Watercolor Society 
  • Midwest Watercolor Society 
  • Missouri Watercolor Society 
  • NWS National Watercolor Society