Jerry Zelinskas

Jerry starts his workshops with an exciting demonstration sharing techniques and principles while explaining different ways of how you can
achieve the use of vivid exciting color, strong contrast and strong design structure.He makes you aware that your own unique expression is important in finding your own style
Jerry Zelinskas

Relax, learn and experience a part of nature. Nation award winning artist Jerry Zelinskas will teach you how to express yourself through color, shape and design. This exciting and informative workshop, is designed for the amateur and professionals at any level. Everyone will benefit from Jerry's popular style of watercolor painting and outstanding professional experience.
Suggested Watercolor Colors
  1.  Cadmium Red
  2.  Cadmium Yellow
  3.  Cadmium Orange
  4.  Cerulean Blue
  5.  Cobalt Blue
  6.  Prussian Blue
  7.  Sap Green
  8.  Sap Green (Permanent)
  9.  Hooker Green
10.  Burnt Sienna
11.  Burnt Umber
12.  Alizarin Crimson
13.  Alizarin Crimson (Permanent)
15.  Indigo  
Other Supplies
1.  Sketch Pad (any kind will do)
2.  Water holder of some kind.
3.  Paper
     DeArches 140 lb. 
     Fabriano 140 lb.
     ( or paper of your choice)
4.  Flat Brushes
     1" Flat Brush
     1 1/2" Flat Brush
     2" Bruch
5.  Round Brushes and kind will do
6.  Masking tape 2" roll
7.  Hard board to mount your paper
     NOTE: Wood or Masonite etc.
Remember if you allready have a palette of colors that you are use to then continue with these colors.  
If you are a beginner, bring what materials you have and I will work with you. I suggest you don't buy expensive brushes in the beginning. If you do, buy one good  (1" flat brush) paper can be of your choice but I prefer DeArches or Fabriano 140 lb. COLD PRESS. If you are an intermediate or advanced painter, continue using the materials you have. Feel free to bring in some of your paintings and I will critique them. 
Two hour demo,